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"Wartime" mission, "war on epidemic" miracle - Xinhua Medical Yingde Biological to ensure that 1 billion doses of the new coronavirus vaccine expansion project smoothly put into production as scheduled

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On May 31, the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products announced that the second phase of the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine expansion project was successfully put into operation, with an annual production capacity of up to 1 billion doses after it is put into operation. The annual production capacity of China's biological COVID-19 vaccine will be greatly increased, and another solid step has been taken to realize the accessibility and affordability of COVID-19 vaccines.

The second phase of the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine production expansion project was announced by the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products of China Biology

As an important process system supplier and excellent construction unit,Xinhua Medical and its subsidiary Yingde Biologics were both rated as"Quality partners"at the launch ceremony of the COVID-19 Phase II project of Sinophospharmaceutics China Wuhan Institute of Biologics.

Xinhua Medical and Yingde Biological were awarded the"Quality Partner"medal

At the beginning of this year,China launched a nationwide vaccination policy,and there is a huge demand for COVID-19 vaccines.Under the guidance and coordination of relevant state departments,the project to expand the production of 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine by the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products of Sinopsin Group was officially launched in March 2021,making an all-out effort to supply COVID-19 vaccines.The COVID-19 vaccine expansion project is the adaptive construction of the core production line of an existing new GMP standardized workshop.As the whole line supplier of the original project of the workshop,Xinhua Medical quickly responded and went all out to continue to undertake the design,manufacturing,installation and verification services of the main process system of the novel coronavirus vaccine expansion project.

Among them,the main tank process systems undertaken by Yingde Biological,including liquid dispensing system,virus inactivation system,semi-finished product preparation system,ultrafiltration and chromatography purification system,CIP system,etc.,are more time tight and the task is heavy.To this end,the management of Xinhua Medical Pharmaceutical Technology Group set up a special project promotion working group at the first time,which was personally commanded by Wang Hongli,executive deputy general manager of Yingde Biological,and took a number of measures to ensure the established nodes.

Technical communication and progress meeting


1, rapid response, production into the "war" state

The container production team responds to schedule requirements

The production task of nearly 160 sets of sanitary containers in this project is the most urgent,and the production schedule of containers directly affects the progress of the entire project.The working group comprehensively sorted out a number of projects under construction and coordinated superior forces to ensure the COVID-19 vaccine project.Under the unified command of the leadership team,British and German biological work together to complete the wartime task as their own responsibility,and go all out to ensure the production of containers.

Production entered a"wartime"state,and the organizational mode was rapidly adjusted.From staffing,procurement of key materials,production and manufacturing progress,daily compilation management and publicity,production organization efficiency to give full play:

1.According to the characteristics of the project,change part of the process manufacturing process and advance the corresponding links to reduce the impact of key materials on the progress of container construction.

2,through the coordination of social resources,container production line capacity expanded twice,greatly improve the progress of container production.

3,increase the first-line production personnel,the implementation of shifts,people stop,to solve the bottleneck process on the production schedule.

Sanitary containers are produced day and night

On the other hand,the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products appointed a project tracking team to supervise the battle on site,and the problems were solved at the first time,and the two sides cooperated closely to shorten the product delivery cycle as much as possible.

Sanitary containers were delivered as scheduled

At the same time,in Yingde Bioautomation Innovation Studio,the automation control team carries out the automatic design and development work of the relevant process modules almost simultaneously,ensuring that the equipment is installed and debugged as soon as possible.

2,multi-professional construction at the same time,the advantages of organization and coordination should be challenged

The novel coronavirus vaccine workshop has a high biosafety level,involving multi-professional,multi-personnel and multi-time point cross-construction problems,and the arrival time nodes of each equipment and facilities will also affect the construction progress.

Project construction site

At the beginning of April, Yingde Biological established the on-site project department in advance to cope with the intense installation and commissioning tasks. The on-site project department is equipped with the main strength of Yingde Biological, including project management, material management, three-dimensional technology, automatic control, construction and installation, debugging and verification.

Temporary meeting of on-site project department

Site project department according to the needs of the project,the whole into pieces-the project is divided into a number of construction areas,each area according to the independent project standard configuration of the corresponding team,including construction manager,technical leader and construction leader.Each region completes the project node simultaneously,and the efficiency is improved significantly.The on-site project department coordinates all construction areas and supervises quality,progress and safety.

In terms of material supply,due to the tight time and the limited production cycle of some key materials,the project department conducted comprehensive scheduling of non-emergency project materials to ensure the timely supply of project materials with the"wartime"mission.

The on-site project department assigns special personnel to conduct on-site approval,procurement,leasing and management coordination of the scarce machinery and tools.In the key period of the project,in order to ensure the welding joints of tens of thousands of process system pipelines,the number of automatic welding machines in the project department once reached more than 20,and more than 120 argon arc welding machines,which is nearly 10 times the conventional configuration of ordinary projects.

At the same time,the on-site project department carries out unified organization,coordination and management of personnel,materials and machinery and makes daily publicity,and responds to changes in project site needs at any time.

3,multi-party coordination,flexible scheduling,fully ensure the progress node


Since the beginning of the project,Wang Yuquan,secretary of the Party Committee,chairman and general manager of Xinhua Medical,has attached great importance to it and personally coordinated the welding team to rush to its aid.Yin Wenping,general manager of Xinhua Medical Pharmaceutical Technology Group,visited the site to supervise the supply of key materials and project progress;Su Xiaodong,general manager of Yingde Biology,and Wang Hongli,executive deputy general manager,went to the project site for many times to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

The project received strong support from the provincial government.Knowing the shortage of on-site construction personnel,Wuhan Municipal government quickly coordinated Wuhan Iron and Steel,Wuhan Huawei and other relevant construction teams to come to the rescue,providing a strong guarantee for more debugging and verification time.

In the difficult period of the project,the personnel of all parties gathered,and the staff of the project department of Yingde Biological site once reached more than 420 people,and the accurate and personal process scheduling ensured the phased victory of the project construction.

4.Work together to promote the"Spirit of Two Mountains"

In Wuhan,the"Huoshenshan"and"Leishenshan"project teams worked together day and night to compete with the virus and created the miracle of building two makeshift hospitals in 10 days,laying a solid foundation for China's fight against the epidemic.Today,Xinhua Medical Yingde Biological and industry partners side by side,racing against time,overcoming difficulties,fulfilling the mission,with wisdom and action to stick to the time node.

During the difficult period of the project,there emerged a memorable picture:the company's management repeatedly went into the project site,zero distance from the project construction team,and ensured the project progress to the maximum extent;Father and son soldiers-a father and son project team are responsible for electrical construction and automation control,partners before and after the process,tacit understanding;The external assistance team went to many places,regardless of labor,and the project team together.

In the early morning, the on-site project team was still sticking to it

Father and son soldiers - electrical major father (left) and self-control major son (right) tacit partner

Wuhan Iron and Steel rescue team quickly entered the construction state

Xinhua medical team to complete the task of a workshop

Core team of on-site project department

"Wartime" mission, "war against epidemic" miracle. The smooth delivery of the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine project is a reproduction of the Chinese spirit and China's speed, and a miracle of the "war on the epidemic" jointly created by Xinhua Medical Anglo-German Biological and industry partners.

Since last year, Xinhua Medical has provided high-standard production equipment manufacturing and high-biosafety workshop design and construction services for more than 10 domestic COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers to meet the needs of different COVID-19 vaccine production routes. At present, the projects under construction are still urgent, and Xinhua Medical Yingde Biological still needs to keep moving, bravely shoulder the mission and responsibility entrusted to us by The Times, and contribute China's strength to the cause of people's health.

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