Process Services Team

Anglo-German Creatures

Leader in the field of biological products-Bai Zhonghu

Published more than 30 SCI research papers in academic journals with important influence at home and abroad, and applied for and authorized more than 40 patents

Undertakes 10 important scientific research projects, and has completed 3 projects. There are 863 projects in the research project; 973 projects

Fundamental Research Funds for Central Universities

The candidates for the Shandong Taishan Industrial Innovation Plan etc.

Bai Zhonghu
Bai Zhonghu
Bai Zhonghu

full-time teacher

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Pilot Platform

BIO-YD has cooperated with Bai Zhonghu team in the National engineering laboratory of Jiangnan University to set up a joint laboratory to improve data on bio-reactors in cell culture and microbial fermentation applications, and to help BIO-YD to communicate with users on biological processes.

BIO-YD and the National Engineering Laboratory of Jiangnan University have established a bioreactor validation platform that will provide users with equipment and process validation services and technical support services.

Pilot Platform

Platform Function

Platform Function

Biological validaiton of the product

Industry expert consulting team

Design of production process equipment for customer demand

Product display and comparison of related products at home and abroad