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"Study the century-old Party history, practice the original mission, open up a new development bureau" Anglo-German biological Party history learning activities

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On July 4,2021,the Party branch of Chengdu Yingde Biomedical Equipment Co.,Ltd.and the Party branch of Chengdu Rehabilitation Kidney Hospital organized party members and party members to come to the Memorial Hall of the Red Army Long March in Chengdu to carry out the party history learning activity of"learning the century-old Party history,practicing the original mission and opening up a new development bureau".

Through visiting the Red Army Long March memorial Hall,the Red Army pavilion and the old site of the Soviet government in Shita District,revisiting the Long March road,revisiting the oath of joining the Party,receiving traditional revolutionary education and other activities,we can intuitively and vividly feel the heroic achievements and revolutionary spirit of Qionglai underground party,anti-donation army,Red Fourth Front Army and Chuankangbian people's guerrillas during the Long March of the Red Army.

Through this activity,party members and Party activists have said that ideological and political baptism,ideals and beliefs are more firm,to always bear in mind the original heart and mission,adhere to and carry forward the spirit of the Red Army Long March in the work,meet difficulties,hard work.

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