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Xinhua Medical and Yingde Biologics were both awarded the title of "Outstanding Contribution Supplier in the Fight against COVID-19" by Csinuo Biologics!

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On April 25,the Phase III production base of the CoV vaccine of the Tianjin COV Biological Co.,LTD.,a company in the Economic Development Zone,located in the western part of the economic development Zone,rolled off the production line.The new coronavirus vaccine product of the base is the only recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine(type 5 adenovirus vector)Kvisa TM approved for market in China with single injection immunization,and its production will provide a strong guarantee for the prevention and control of new and sudden major infectious diseases.


As the main supplier of the COVID-19 vaccine project of C&D Biologics,both Xinhua Medical and its subsidiary Yingde Biologics were awarded the title of"Outstanding Contribution Supplier in the fight against COVID-19"by C&D.Mr.Yanjie Sun,Sales Director of Xinhua Medical Pharmaceutical Technology Group,and Mr.Xiaodong Su,General manager of Yingde Biologics,were invited to attend the event and presented the honor.

It is reported that the recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine(type 5 adenovirus vector)Kweiza TM,jointly developed by Kangxino Biological Co.,Ltd.and the Bioengineering Institute of the Academy of Military Medicine,is the only new coronavirus vaccine approved for market in China,which can quickly achieve immune protection,shorten the vaccination cycle,and help achieve herd immunity in a shorter time.

This vaccine uses the same adenoviral vector technology route as the recombinant EVD vaccine developed in the same technology route.It can be stably stored between 2°C and 8°C,making it easier to transport and store normally,increasing the accessibility of the vaccine.

In 2021,with the increasing demand for COVID-19 vaccine production capacity,Xinhua Medical and its subsidiary Yingde Bioservice CoVID enterprise projects reached more than 10,providing related enterprises with high-standard production equipment manufacturing and high-biosafety production workshop design and construction services for COVID-19 vaccine projects.


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