Upper Magnetic agitator

Key words:

Pharmaceutical Engineering


Detailed introduction

The upper magnetic agitator system has been independent research and development by BIO-YD has achieved a number of independent intellectual property rights and patented technologies. It is suitable for the agitator of high standard bio-reactor and bio-pharmaceutical tanks group from 20L to 10,000L.

Ingenious design of magnetic circuit and structure

Not only magnetic coupling principle (transmission driving force), but also axial and radial levitation force, and useless divergence and messy magnetic force lines to reduce magnetic pollution (overcoming a large amount of external radiation) -magnetism


Material of frame

Biopolymer composites: materials developed and supplied independently


Structure of frame

Unique and novel, it guarantees the minimum rolling friction in the ball movement of the ceramic bearing.


Reasonable pairing of bearings

The use of a skillful structural design makes it possible to apportion the axial and radial forces of the shafting system.

Drive device

Motor bearing

Isolation cover

Inner Magnetic

Bearing support assembly


Product application Model No. Technical parameters
Preparation tank CLJB-0.25 10-50L/0-150rpm/0.18Kw
CLJB-0.5 50-200L/0-150rpm/0.18-0.55Kw
CLJB-1.1 200-600L/0-150rpm/0.37-0.75Kw
CLJB-3.0 600-2000L/0-150rpm/0.75-2.2Kw
CLJB-7.5 2000-3000L/0-150rpm/2.2-4.0Kw
Fermenter DZ-CLJB-0.25 10-50L/0-800rpm/0.18-0.75Kw
DZ-CLJB-0.5 50-100L/0-600rpm/0.55-1.5Kw
DZ-CLJB-1.1 200-500L/0-400rpm/0.75-2.2Kw
DZ-CLJB-3.0 500-1000L/0-400rpm/2.2-9.2Kw
Cell culture tank JCU-10 10-50L/0-150rpm/0.18Kw
JCU-20 100-150L/0-150rpm/0.55Kw


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