Bottom magnetic agitator

Key words:

Pharmaceutical Engineering


Detailed introduction

The bottom magnetic agitator system has been independent research and development by BIO-YD, fully meet the CIP/SIP requirements. It is suitable for the agitator of high standard bio-reactor and bio-pharmaceutical tanks group from 10L to 20,000L.



·Simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean, no cleaning blind spot.

·Excellent low-level stirring, can also be used in the case of less materials, stirring blades can be customized to adapt to a variety of different media stirring, mixing


·The same impeller can be alternately used for several mixing tanks

·Normally, the impeller can withstand short-term dry running, without wear

·Low maintenance frequency, without replacement of sealing, shaft or bearing

·Compared with similar products, the stirring efficiency is higher and the level of turbulence is stronger at the same rotational speed.


outer magnetic

holding down bolt

Negative bearing

welding plate

Drive device


Product application Model No. Technical parameters
Preparation tank XCXF-0.5 10-50L/0-350rpm/0.18Kw
XCXF-1 50-100L/0-350rpm/0.37Kw
XCXF-2 100-500L/0-350rpm/0.55Kw
XCXF-3 500-1000L/0-350rpm/0.75-1.1Kw
XCXF-4 1000-3000L/0-350rpm/1.1-3.0Kw
Cell culture tank JCD-10 50-200L/0-200rpm/0.18-0.55Kw


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