Sanitary Vessel

Key words:

Pharmaceutical Engineering


Detailed introduction

High standard sanitary vessel

Supply 5L-100,000L high standard sanitary vessels and accessories of different specifications


Fully support CIP/SIP, meet cleaning validation;

stainless steel S31603,S30408,duplex stainless steel S22053,titanium

Use low-temperature vacuum insulation technology, easy maintenance. Light weight, low thermal conductivity, good effect & stable performance

Insulation materials are non-toxic, odorless, nonflammable; has sound absorption performance. Insulation layer passed air tightness test, has a safe mouth breathing, safe and reliable

Vessel type

Reactor 、Preparation tank 、Culture tank 、Storage tank、Liquid preparation tank 、Inactivation tank 、Thawing plasma tank、PW/WFI tank、Mobile tank、Special material tank


Water cutting

Original imported water knife precision opening,The cut is regular and group pairs perfect.No heat affected zone to avoid oxidation



1、Professional automatic welding, 100% lossless

2、NDT, vibration after molding

3、Aging Technology (VSR) eliminates stress


Short section manhole

Specially-made short section manhole, no cleaning dead

Enhanced trumpet-shaped nozzle / NA interface

Self-processing enhanced trumpet-shaped nozzle / NA interface

Guaranteed strength and easy cleaning


Insulation technology

Low temperature vacuum filling pearl sand insulation technology,Good insulation effect, stable performance and maintenance-free


Internal and external surface treatment

External surface blasting + electrolysis to be a matte texture, which is conducive to cleaning and maintenance, reducing light pollution.Inner surface machine throwing + electrolysis to be a mirror surface, Ra≤0.4μm, non-stick wall, no hanging material, easy to clean


Pickling passivation

The whole tank body is pickled and passivated to form a dense anti-oxidation layer.Increase equipment corrosion resistance


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